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Not the bestest; not appall.

On Sunday I finished the wallpapering. Done! Haha! Hahaha! Ha!

To show that progress has been made, here are before and after photos. The “Before” pics were actually taken on the 7th of March, when quite a lot of stripping, filling and preperation had already done, but there’s still a world of difference. All pics can be clicked for bandwidth-sapping Mega-O-Vision™ way beyond any reasonable expectation of detail from the camera.

The far corner. The plaster on the blue wall came off much more easily than the paint, so that one got re-plastered along with the ceiling.

New doorframe work-in-progress. Also, evidence that I’d done something; when I put the loft insulation in I also put my foot through the ceiling. Oops!

And now the “after” pics, taken on Sunday evening.

The window wall. The pic’s not really detailed enough to show the mistake, so you don’t know it’s there. As you can see, I used invisible paint on the radiator. I reckon I did a very neat job of it, and it matches the carpet perfectly.

This shows off the finished (on the inside, at least, but complete with glass! Which you can’t see because it’s transparent) doorframe, and also the finished, unholy ceiling. And the two different colours of wallpaper (I think all the colours go together nicely. Hopefully the carpet – dark green – will also fit in). And also the hole in the floor.

The white spots in the last picture are camera artifacts, I don’t know what caused them. I guess reflections or UFOs or something.

I also touched up the radiator (not like that, you pervert. It’s a radiator for crying out loud). Unfortunately the bits I re-did don’t seem to be as shiny as the rest of it, so I think I’m going to have to sand and re-paint the whole thing. Sigh!


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