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Having a personality sounds complicated.

Monday was back to work and recover from the holiday day. Mostly it was spent feeling utterly knackered and out of it, because getting to sleep at 1:30 is hard when you’re used to getting to sleep after 4am. Fortunately work didn’t conjure up any mad-panic emergencies for me to fix, so my being a bit dozy wasn’t a major problem.

There was some attempt at catching up on this here diary, and after each post I was asked some more questions by WordPress. Here, for want of anything else to talk about, are the best ones:

What’s your favorite summertime sound?

What form of exercise do you enjoy the most?
Eating biscuits. It’s not terribly effective from many points of view, but you can keep it up all day, and biscuits are tasty. Especially dunked in tea or coffee.

What’s the perfect age to retire? How will you know you’re ready?
Hmm. About twenty-five, I reckon. By that age even the gulliblest of nincompoops has had any notion that work is the thing that gives your life purpose or fulfillment; or that it benefits the world; or whatever other propaganda besuited corporate types use to try and persuade their minions that futile, tedious slogging so that their already-wealthy overlords might buy a seventeenth diamond-encrusted Learjet is a worthwhile way to burn the few, dwindling seconds of their existence; brutally smashed out of them.
How will you know you’re ready? Oh don’t worry, you’ll know.
Although seriously, I suppose it’s when Savings > Expected_Remaining_Lifespan * Annual_Expenditure. Because that is all work is – a way to avoid homelessness and starvation. If you can do that without it, well, why bother? There are plenty of more interesting and worthwhile ways to spend your time. Those biscuits won’t eat themselves.

And talking of questions, this one was asked on Twitter: “how comfortable are people to express their true personality in the workplace?” Which my brain really wasn’t in working order for. How do you determine what is somebody’s “true” personality – or even that they have one? Wouldn’t that personality depend on its surroundings and therefore be different in every situation? It will, of course, change over time as it’s exposed to more experiences; therefore, at any point, isn’t the personality ‘on show’ necessarily the true one, as it’ll be different an instant later? Unless you can have more than one at once – say one on show, and an internal “true” (albeit fleeting) personality – but then isn’t the external one a part of the internal “true” personality, and therefore if you removed it the “true” one has changed and therefore couldn’t have been true?
It’s no wonder this hurt my poor, tiny brain on Monday evening, especially trying to cram my thoughts into 120 characters. The conversation didn’t end there, but I don’t think I could do it justice tonight. Maybe another day.
I suspect, however, that I wasn’t interpreting the question exactly as it was intended – not deliberately to be a tit, and not because there was anything wrong with it. Just a different point of view. Or my being addled.


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