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Waffer thin.

Sunday was the final day of my holiday, and I spent it by wallpapering the first short, blue wall – the one without the window in it.

Well, I did the first 4/7ths of it, until my uncle arrived and did the rest to show me how it was done. In about the same time as it’d taken me to put up the previous strip. In my defence, though, my strips were neater; his have noticable gaps between them, and as he used a knife to trim it to size his edges are feathered and slightly torn (although that’s a trade-off; scissors give you a hard edge but don’t match up as neatly, for me anyway). Fortunately the gaps aren’t as obvious in the blue as the green. He assured me that it isn’t a precise science and that you’ll never get it perfect.

I also finished off the last of the week’s confections, bringing the total to:

One 500g tube of chocolate sandwich biscuits,
One 400g bag of chocolate/hazelnut-filled wafer tubes,
Two 250g bags of Fox’s butter biscuits,
Twelve caramel slices,
Three 160g (I think) bags of Haribo Tangfastics.

So I think I was fairly circumspect in that regard, especially when you consider my sister ate about a bag of Tangfastics.

Haha, no. That probably works out at about 11,000 kcal. And whilst I worked pretty hard all week and knackered myself completely (although probably at least as much because I can’t stick to a bedtime as because of hard work), I don’t think I burned as much extra energy as I would have in 27 gym visits. Oh well.

How close did I get to the stated “finish decorating the room” goal did I get?
Radiator paint needs a little touching-up.
Paint around the glass above the doorframe needs a little touching-up.
Door needs sanding and varnishing.
Window-wall needs wallpapering.
Carpet needs putting down (after some work on/under the floorboards).

Which is OK, I suppose. Quite an improvement, but still a way to go. The worry is that missing the ‘deadline’ means it’ll all go a bit Challenge Anneka and take six months to finish the last few odds and sods. Especially the floorboards. It doesn’t really feel like I got value for money out of my holiday, though. That’s 1/4 of my time off this year, gone, forever.

In the evening I made a tasty beef in beer casserole, and drinking the left-over quarter of a bottle of Old Speckled Hen didn’t even make me feel ill! So the day and week ended on a winner.


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