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“One-coat paint” vs. “Trade descriptions act”

Tuesday and Wednesday were very similar. So much so that I can’t really distinguish between them in my mind, so there seems little point writing two different entries for them. Both involved woodwork (by dad), and tidying, cleaning, sanding, painting and getting to bed at 4am (by me). I don’t think either involved proper food, but improper food may be covered at a later date.

Anyway, safe to say that I’ve not (just) been being lazy and not writing blog entries this week – I’ve been quite busy, thank you, and usually covered in dust or paint or stuff to clean one or the other or something else sticky or smelly.

So it would have been pretty much the perfect holiday if I were, say, five.

But at the tender age of thirty I would rather have been playing computer games and getting more sleep. And not having to wash my hands off (almost).

At least I’ve been getting to listen to loads of podcasts. Rum Doings, obviously, but also Three Moves Ahead (strategy games), Answer Me This and – frabjous day! – the once-more not-requiring-iTunes Sex and Other Human Activities (formerly here) (although for the past dozen or so episodes the “other activities” have been pretty sparse, which isn’t bad for a programme only eighteen episodes old). So apparently those are my interests: John Walker’s bottom, games, trivia and fucking, although I do hope some of those are never combined.
I like podcasts; having people talking to you about interesting things. That must be what having friends would be like.
You will note that none of them are specifically about decorating. Not a coincidence.

Anyway, by the end of Wednesday (which was almost daylight on Thursday) the skirting-boards were finished, the radiator was finished on the backside and waiting for a second coat on the front, and the doorframe was just waiting for a final touch-up of the few patchy bits after its priming/painting/sanding/re-priming where necessary/second coat of proper paint. Things were ready and plans were afoot for The Next Stage of Decorating.

It feels perverse to carefully paint something and then sand most of the paint off only to re-paint it again.


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