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Also: exciting* follow-up to previous events!

Tuesday was busy but uneventful.

Quite a lot of work was done (mostly even during work hours), paint was painted, filler was sanded, dust was hoovered, shopping was purchased (a mega-pillage of Lidl that would’ve been more conveniently done with the car on Sunday. Oh well!), dinner was prepared (pasta and pesto doesn’t count as cooking, even if you add sweetcorn and tomato to it), computer games were played.

Just a note; if you’re ever making a game, download the Star Ruler demo and play its tutorial. Now, don’t make your tutorial like that. It’s reams and reams of text explaining every last part of the game’s interface, and the occasional demand for you to do something. By the end of it – I think it took a couple of hours – my brain genuinely hurt and I was just wishing for it to stop. This is not good teaching.
It would’ve been far better broken up into several smaller and actually interactive tutorials; maybe one where you have a few ships and explore some systems before gathering a fleet and annihilating some xeno scum, another where you have to build up a planet before constructing a colony ship to expand elsewhere, and so on. By breaking it up into manageable chunks and getting the player to do the things they’re learning – get them to solve some small problems with hints and instructions available, rather than just saying “now click this button, then this one twice” – they’ll remember them better, and it’ll feel a lot less like they’re desperately cramming for an exam. Maybe it could even be enjoyable.
The actual game seems like it should be interesting and worth playing, but I’m not enthused to go back to it. Aside from the brain-mangling, the scale’s wrong, and that always annoys me.

Otherwise there were no interesting events, philosophical realisations, or intrusions or assaults from other members of my species, so nothing to write a diary entry about.

Fortunately, there is something I’ve forgotten to mention for quite a while. If you recall the saga of The Man Who Was There And Then Went Away, I have a follow up. About a week after the events previously recounted, I saw the same guy acting similarly with a different book. Later that very day, I saw him walking down the road with a woman, presumably his wife. It’s since became obvious that he lives somewhere just down the road and isn’t a bizarre interloper.

Maybe he just likes aimlessly wandering around on the grass with a book he’s not reading.

* Not exciting.


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