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Need never talk in person again.

On Thursday I succumbed to peer pressure and booked a car for the weekend to take me on the 140-ish mile round-trip to Oxford on Saturday. It seems very odd that hiring a car for three days costs £35, whilst a return ticket to Oxford on the train costs over £60. Even including petrol (£20 or so, I guess? I’ve not driven for a while. We’ll see on Monday when I fill the car up – expect a petrol costs HOW MUCH now?! post on Tuesday!*) it’s not going to be more expensive, and takes about half as long each way whilst running whenever you want, without changing train or going on the tube through London. It really shouldn’t be quicker, easier and cheaper for one person to hire a car and drive himself than to take public transport. Why do they expect people to switch to trains if that’s the case? When it’s even economical for those without a car to use them for day trips?

It is quite mad, but the car-hire places probably don’t mind. Cheaper, faster trains that run later, that’s what we need. And muck out the unicorn whilst you’re at it.

In the evening I went down to CCL. My singer friend was absent; maybe she’s on holiday, maybe my untimeliness has reached the point where I’m off by entire weeks, I don’t know. So I spent the evening listening to music and mucking around on my ‘phone. Smartphones make being out by yourself enjoyable, because not only are you doing the thing that you went out to do, but you’re still in contact with everyone you know from The Internet, so you’re not *really* alone there. And you’re not cut off from the other stuff you’d be doing at home, so you don’t feel like the going-out thing is imposing on your free time in that way. And if it’s dull you can play Angry Birds (I didn’t, I was good).

The tunes were mostly good, although I didn’t stay quite to the bitter end so that I could get an early night. And talking of early nights, I need one of those today so goodnight and farewell!

* Unless I die in a cataclysmic fireball on the Northampton ring-road, of course. I wonder if they’ll charge my estate the £650 excess if that happens? I guess I’ll never know. Anyway, this song is entirely relevant.


Posted 2 July 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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