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Is that a city in Greece, or China? I can never remember.

Wednesday was a day of spectacular procrastination.

I finally got the information I needed to finish off some jobs, and said I’d get them done yesterday. This should have been fine – getting them done before the end of the working day wouldn’t have been terribly tricky.

Unfortunately, a rather compressed version of my usual reaction to deadlines took place. On the bright side, it didn’t have nearly long enough to kick in all the usual stupidities I manage when I know a deadline a week or more in advance.

Firstly, as you probably noticed, I spent hours writing a silly song parody about an event that hasn’t happened recently, and couldn’t literally happen as I’ve not got a door-bell.

Then I decided I was hungry (fair enough) and made dinner. It was a quick and easy dinner – tuna and sweetcorn pasta won’t win any Michelin stars – but took up another hour or so including the eating.

Just as I’d finished, my sister knocked on my door asking for some help moving some laminate flooring so she could have sofas delivered today. She promised it would only take fifteen minutes to shift it. Actually, it didn’t even take that long (eight boxes needed moving about two metres), and I managed to pillage some of her chocolates whilst I was there. So a win, and out of the house for maybe half an hour.

Which coincided with a friend replying to an email (as usual, about a week after it was sent) saying that she was in that evening so it’d be a good time to call. So, of course, I replied saying that I had to work this evening and was really sorry, would another day be OK?
No, don’t be silly. I called her and it turned out she was avoiding cleaning her kitchen, so that was convenient for both of us. The conversation took just over an hour. I think I dragged it out slightly longer than necessary, because I’m a hypocrite, although the bit at the end was getting her to order me to go to Oxford, so probably worthwhile. Unless I kill myself and fourteen other people in a cataclysmic fireball on Northampton ring-road, in which case it will all be her fault.

After that I was at a bit of a loose end; not hungry, so nothing to eat. The internet was being boring. Can’t play games when I should be working. So there was only one option: much coffee was consumed, upbeat music and old game tunes were queued slightly too loud, and work commenced.

Even after I’d finished and gone to bed I couldn’t get to sleep. You probably shouldn’t keep drinking coffee after midnight.


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