Bouncing on my nose   Leave a comment

Delayed response.

Tuesday. Um. The problem with leaving posts for two days is that that’s more than enough time to forget almost everything that happened, especially if you have a busy day in the middle.

I was grumpy, though. I’m not sure why – maybe there was no reason, maybe it was feeling that work wasn’t progressing well because I’d asked for information and not got it yet, and hadn’t yet figured out other things in the queue.

I was also achey. I’d still got a stitch and sore legs (the latter seemingly triggered by a short walk to Greggs at lunchtime) from the gym the night before. Heck, the stitch hasn’t gone away properly yet and it’s Thursday evening. It seems that running, even fake running, hates me as much as it ever did. It’s just that once it was brief and violent in its loathing, wheras now it is slow, patient and subtle. Anyway, I didn’t go to the gym, figuring that doing myself a mischief would be stupid. Sensible precaution, or lame excuse? You decide.
My glasses bouncing up and down on my nose seem to have rubbed that raw, too. How’s that for a bizarre sports-related injury.

Instead I ate my reduced ready-meal curry and played games. I’ve decided that Europa Universalis III annoys me, but not whether I care enough to write a post about it. After a bit more grumping I discovered 10 Min Space Strategy, which actually takes about an hour, but is well worth a go if you’re on an IBM PC or 100% compatible. It cheered me up quite nicely.


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