Door-belligerence   Leave a comment

I don’t feel like answering.

Wake up in the morning with my door bein’ hammered on,
I have an ISP, I don’t need another one,
Good luck flogging nothing, all who you meet are wearing frowns,
So why can’t I be left alone when upstairs lying down?

I won’t play along when I hear the sum’ning gong,
And really don’t need Jesus in my life,
You better know, when you’re trespassin’ round the side,
Seems like my house ain’t empty tonight.

I don’t feel like ans’rin’ when the door-bell chime is played,
The salesman wants to talk, it’s just to him I’ve nowt to say,
You think that I’m buying a fine leather jacket from you today?
So I don’t feel like ans’rin’, no not even your survey.

Don’t feel like ans’rin’, ans’rin’,
I think you’ll find I’ve got much better to do,
Don’t feel like ans’rin’, ans’rin’,
Why’d you bother me when I’m sat on the loo,
Don’t feel like ans’rin’, ans’rin’,
Wanna be home with no-one demanding to intru-u-ude.

Hawkers come and hawkers go with endless pizza flyers,
When all they get is recycled or used for starting fires,
You got so many curries make an Indian confused,
With all these diff’rent take-aways I couldn’t even choose.

No I won’t pretend that you want to be my friend,
Always “Hi how are you today?” is your line,
Please understand my gas supply’s not in your hands,
And my windows are all absolutely fine.


You can’t make me switch around, sir
Your patter makes my head pound,
I turn you down,
And you walk away into the dimmer night.



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