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What’s the difference between Oxford and Morrisons? One has a bridge of sighs, the other has a fridge of pies.

Yesterday I made it to the gym! However, I only managed a little over 500 kcal on the treadmill, and 200 on the bicycle simulator, because I ran out of time. That’s more than was in my dinner, but I also drank about two pints of green-flavoured milk (milk is cold! Weather was hot!) which made up for that.
To show how realistic bicycle simulators are, I got the speed readout to over 80km/h for a few seconds, at which point it started flashing and complaining at me.

Also, plans for an internet meet-up this Saturday were finally finalised, so I’m being ravished by a horny dilemma. The problem is it’s in Oxford, and if you want to go to Oxford then, well… You don’t want to start from here. The options are sixty-odd quid and well over three hours each way on trains and the tube, over four hours each way on buses, or hiring a car, which is:

1. Hire car.
2. Pick up car at designated time.
3. Drive to Oxford (about two hours each way).
4. Discover how Park and Ride systems work and make use of them.
5. Repeat 3 and 4 in reverse.
6. Return car at designated time and walk home.

If that doesn’t seem so bad, bear in mind I’ve not driven for a couple of years, and that getting to Oxford involves navigating the Northampton ring-road – a construction that, to the best of my knowledge, can’t even be mapped in three dimensions.
Also, I really hate travelling, and by travelling I mean going anywhere further away than Morrisons. Even the car-hire place is further away than Morrisons.

On the one hand I “should” go and meet people I know but have never met. I would quite like to! It would probably be fun! I’ve not been to Oxford for years! On the other, it’s a huge amount of time, effort, fuss and bother (there are probably three different things, each way, that would be enough to dissuade me from most activities), I “should” probably spend the day working on my house instead, and I “should” probably not spend the money on fun things when I’ve got a house that can eat more money than I could ever feed it. Never mind the potential (inevitable?) disasters and expense inherent in my hiring and out-of-practice driving a car to an unfamiliar place.

I just don’t know.


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