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What energy shortage?

It’s a lovely sunny day, I’ve got to go out, and then I’ve got plenty of other stuff to do, so I’m putting that all off by writing Friday’s entry.

In a shocking break from form I actually made it to the gym. I still can’t grip things tightly for fear of my finger deciding to blead everywhere again, meaning angry-trainers and weight-lifty-things are out. So I thought I’d try the treadmill and cycling machines for a change.

Normally, that would seem a daft use of a gym; if I want to cycle, I’ve got a perfectly good bike. If I want to endure suffering to make death seem a blessed relief, I can go for a run. I can go running outside, in the sunshine, without paying £28 per month.
But there are advantages to doing these things in the gym. Only people who have signed up for the privilege will see my dismal, panting, sweaty failure at jogging, and I can play Angry Birds on the cycling machine without being run over.

And so I did. Running is still horrible, but it does burn calories at a decent rate. I completed a few levels of Angry Birds and had a couple of goes on Dropwords (still haven’t beaten my high-score). Overall, I burnt – according to the machines – a whopping 900 calories. I’m going to see if I can manage similar most nights next week, and maybe I’ll even beat my body into shape enough that it can run to the postbox and back without needing an ambulance. Still! 900 kCal. That’s not bad going.

As long as you ignore the 960 kCal of chocolate I ate on Friday. And the two large cheese and onion pasties.


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