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Cheese licence?

Gosh, what did I do on Saturday? I can’t remember it very well. It was a busy day, but don’t think there was anything really notable or exciting to talk about. Still, that’s never stopped me before!

Spent quite a while at the shops for one reason or another. Wanted a bottle of whisky for fathers’ day, but, amazingly, there are no dedicated booze shops in the town centre. That is… Well, if mice really ate cheese (they’re not that fond of it), and they all lived together in a great big city (they do build nests, but that seems stretching the definition somewhat) running shops for each other (mice are not notorious shopkeepers), it would be like that city lacking a dedicated cheesemonger.
The only explanation I can come up with is that by the time anyone gets to the town centre, they’re already so many drinks down that they can’t bear to wait until they’ve not only bought some booze but also ventured far enough from the town centre that they’re allowed to drink it outside, so they just go to one of the pubs instead. And so all the dedicated booze-shops went bust.

Unless it’s something crazy like the council not licensing them. But that would be mad.

Happily, supermarkets sell booze undedicatedly. Which is probably cheaper, but I was hoping to ask somebody with a clue whether it was any good. Without this advice I just plumped for something called the “Isle of Jura” because it said “single malt”, was in a pretty box, wasn’t surprisingly cheap and, importantly, I’d never heard of it. Dad hadn’t heard of it either, so it’s something new for him to try.

The other thing was that the paint had started coming off the bridge of my glasses. They’re only three months old, and I had no idea what could have caused it (it wasn’t an edge or corner I could have knocked) so I wasn’t chuffed. Happily, the opticians changed it with no fuss or bother, so my crazily expensive spectacles are once more suitably matte and unshiny.

In the evening I did some sanding (if you ever decide your life is short of an infinite amount of dust, sand some plaster. You’ll soon have all you need and more), just to show that I do do some work on my own house sometimes. Far too late – yesterday’s entry took a while, but was worth it – I made fish, chips, peas and an ocean of parsley sauce for dinner.

Oh, and I decided to drink the bottle of Waggledance I’d got for my birthday, as it was the end of the day. I like Waggledance, but felt, as expected, unpleasantly iffy after drinking it. Hypothesis confirmed by experimentation!
I guess I’ll have to make beef casserole to use up the other two bottles.


Posted 20 June 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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