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Don’t leave the light on baby.

Thursday morning was sleepy. Not only because I was up late with work (couldn’t upload it because of unexplained WiFi issues), but also because of moths.
I rescued one or two, against their will, but the last one was flapping and buzzing all over the room, not stopping to let me grab it. Eventually I gave up and just ignored it, as it was 3am.
In the morning I found a dead moth on the windowsill. It didn’t look squashed, so don’t think I’d accidentally killed one I was trying to rescue. Sad, foolish moth! I was trying to help you escape your prison, but you wouldn’t let me.

I feel sorry for moths*. Yes, they’re annoying and stupid, but they’re utterly harmless to humans and can’t be anything else – they’re not intelligent or sentient and have no real self-determination. All they can do is flutter around, tormented by the terrible attraction of lights they can’t understand. It’s not their fault.
And despite this, people kill them, just because they’re annoying. Spiders suffer a similar fate, despite actually being beneficial to have around, because some don’t like how they look. Poor moths and spiders.

Imagine what those people must do to large, harmful creatures which act as they do purely of their own free will.

* See? Colthor can feel pity, as well as hatred and anger.


Posted 17 June 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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