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If you come to San Francisco all the time can’t be a love-in there.

Yesterday I didn’t get dressed until twenty past ten. Half of the things I achieved yesterday are already here, and the other was a tasty chilli con carne which I had for dinner. Turns out the trick to making tasty chilli is to forget about it for long enough that it almost, but not quite, burns to the bottom of the pan.

So as yesterday was frittered away, I’ll list the things I don’t like about the Orange San Francisco:

  • The audio output is terrible. With low-impedance earphones you get hissing like you’re listening to a dodgily-copied cassette tape, along with occasional electronic noise. With beefier headphones it’s less noticable (and it’s not nearly as bad as the headphone-out on my laptop), but runs the risk of not being loud enough if there’s any sort of background noise, as maximum volume’s not very impressive.
  • The music application’s pretty rubbish as it groups things by entries in the id3 tag, and then shows you absolutely everything on the memory card at once. Didn’t they think that, perhaps, I put different files in different directories for a reason? Fortunately, other players are less bad (MortPlayer is OK if you sort by directory).
  • Silent doesn’t mute the “media” volume. Media includes all noise made by things like games. I could see why you might want that if you’ve headphones plugged in, but otherwise, why would you tell the ‘phone to be silent if you wanted it to make noise?
  • Not specific to the SanFran, but the downside of touchscreens is that grease-fingered monkeys like me daub their paw-prints all over them. Especially awkward when you keep your hands permanently encased in nice, gooey paraffin to avoid turning into a zombie and then starving to death because you can only eat human brains and they’re in terribly short supply.
  • Also seems pretty common to smartphones, but the battery life’s terrible. My old Samsung thing would last weeks between charges. The SanFran seems to manage a day. Angry Birds will eat a charge in a few hours. Still, as long as you can charge it overnight (or plug it in to change mp3s or something) it shouldn’t be a problem.

You probably shouldn’t have to root and reinstall your ‘phone to get the best out of it, either, but I quite enjoyed it (and that you can). Even if it does void the warranty. Oh, and you have to buy it with Orange credit. Why would I want to be on Orange? Their tarrif’s rubbish (100MB? How very 1996) and doesn’t even get me money off my broadband bill. Anyone want to buy an Orange top-up card?

Still seems pretty great overall, though, and hopefully cranking the volume to 11 and plugging in a headphone volume control will make the signal-to-noise ratio more acceptable (and I could do the same with my laptop).


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