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Stay a while, and listen.

I was woken at 8:15 yesterday by my letterbox. On investigation (I was a bit confused why my door was making noises, but it was 8:15am), I discovered a letter containing the result of an MRI scan last month. I’ve had annoying tinnitus in my left ear for a while, and so I’d had the scan to see if anything was actually wrong with it. The letter told me there wasn’t. On the one hand it’s good, because things that can cause it include tumours and other such fun and games, but on the other it’s bad, because it means there’s nothing to be done about the tinnitus and so I just have to live with it. I was hoping it was just a persistent infection so a course of antibiotics would clear it all up, but no such luck. Ho hum. Apparently my GP was also forwarded the letter, but he got a copy of the MRI. I didn’t get a copy of the MRI. Hmph.
Incidentally, the tinnitus was probably caused somehow by my poking around in there with an earspoon, so, kids? Don’t poke around in your ears.
I went back to sleep.

And was re-woken at about half-twelve by my sister asking if I’d help her try and get her sofa into the house later in the afternoon. Probably just as well or I don’t know how long I’d’ve slept.

Whilst waiting I got up, and went out to be smiled at by girls coerced by the threat of unemployment, which makes a nice change to suffering the loathing and contempt they’d bestow upon me of their own free will (I like to think I’m not deserving of loathing and contempt so much as pity and contempt), and to write yesterday’s entry. Apologies for the lack of proof-reading; it was written on my ‘phone and I’d never used the WordPress app before.
When I went out it was warm, calm and sunny. When I came home it was cloudy, windy and cold. That seemed like a metaphor for something.

While excavating and cleaning the sofa was a success, actually getting it into the house was a failure. The doors were simply too narrow to fit it in horizontally, and too short to fit it in vertically, so it had to be returned to the garage un-sat on as we couldn’t dismantle it or remove a window. Oh well.

I’m not sure how I wasted the evening – it was that exciting – but my Saturday night involved doing the washing up until 2am or so. It didn’t even seem that bad.
Which is quite depressing on both counts.


Posted 12 June 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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