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Getting in the way.

So, sitting in the coffee shop with nothing much to say. Well, I worked up the enthusiasm to come in here, and it only took two attempts!

Yesterday was a slow and unenthusiastic day. It was also a day of bugs. Two were easy to fix, one turned up at the last minute and whilst I know what it’s doing wrong, figuring out the fix may be a pain. Oh well, if I didn’t want to fix it I shouldn’t have created it in the first place.

Do I want another coffee? Maybe.
Turns out yes. Mmm, coffee.

One of the reasons yesterday was slow was that I was knackered. Wonder why that was? Hmm.

I also wonder if the second cup of coffee was less to do with the drink and more because the only time anyone has cause to acknowledge – let alone smile at – me is when I buy something from them. Whether that, in this case, the person happens to be a pretty girl acts as further encouragement is unknown. Maybe it’s even part of their marketing strategy. Although it could be coincidence that the only guy working is on plate and cup collection duty. Somebody has to be.

Aside from getting out of bed (which I manage every day) yesterday’s achievement was making it to the gym. I didn’t think I was going to manage it, and almost gave up at one point, but surprised myself. I don’t know if I felt satisfaction or accomplishment for doing so – it is, after all, only a five minute walk away – but it did prevent me from feeling guilty and tediously, interminably berating myself, so that’s a victory of sorts.

Anyway, best to end there as I ran out of coffee almost a pargraph ago and they probably want their table back.


Posted 11 June 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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