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Great success!

Yesterday started slowly. I got my 16gB SD card for my ‘phone, so plugged that in and copied all the stuff from the old one onto it, along with a load of music. Still plenty of room left.

Then it started to heat up. Work was ludicrously productive – I must have managed three or four lines of code. No doubt that effort was fuelled by my gloriously healthy fried lunch.
On the subject of cookery, after work I conjoured up a culinary masterpiece; not only did I have to boil pasta, but I also had to prepare a sauce for it to go in. Despite my previous exertions I kept my work-rate up and had managed to cook and even eat by quarter past eight.

Next job was to get ready and go out, but by the time I’d shaved and showered it was well after nine o’clock and I’d missed the bit I most wanted to see. But it doesn’t matter! I still did all the getting ready, so nobody can accuse me of laziness, and my staying at home saved everybody else from being intimidated by my awesomeness and popularity.

Instead I played Halo ODST for a bit, deciding to go easy on the aliens; while I, as the player, have an infinite number of lives, the aliens get but one. Not for them multiple tries and regularly-saved progress! Pity the aliens. Last night I showed them mercy, and let them win.

The other way I’d decided to make use of my unexpected evening in was the washing up. Frying eggs is both unpleasantly smelly and messy, so cleaning that up was a must. I’d taken pity on the aliens for so long I didn’t get around to it until well after midnight, when I would have been home anyway, but that didn’t matter – it only made me late for bed, and I’ve already been late for bed most days this week. Who needs sleep? Sleep is for the weak.

It was an amazing day.


Posted 10 June 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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