Yesterday, upon the lawn   1 comment

I saw a man, but now he’s gone.

Yesterday morning there was a guy hanging around outside for ages.

He was a bit odd. He didn’t look that old – probably not 40 – but he looked older than he looked, if that makes sense. Dark hair, leather jacket, jeans, white shirt or top. Utterly usual in appearance. The only odd things were a camera hung around his neck, and his clutching a large hardback book, usually in both hands behind his back. I couldn’t tell what the book was, it looked like the front cover was facing his bum.

And he wasn’t really doing anything, either. Mostly just standing around, maybe like he was waiting for someone. He looked at the car for sale outside for a minute or two, but with apparently little interest. He may have flicked through his book. After a while he wandered away and stared at the telephone box. Eventually he vanished, but I wasn’t paying attention by then.

It was an unusual thing. Why was he here? What was he doing outside? At first I was expecting him to knock on people’s doors, or maybe try and steal something or break into a car – which is why I kept an eye on him. But no, he didn’t even look like he was paying much attention to his surroundings, and didn’t seem to notice me blatantly staring at him when I was downstairs making coffee. He was just… standing around, occasionally dawdling.

I considered asking him why he was there, or if he was OK, but thought it would be odd. And he seemed perfectly fine, not anxious or confused. If anything a bit bored. So I left him be.

So that’s my news. A man stood around outside for a while. And then went away.


Posted 8 June 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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