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It’s been brilliant weather for most of the last couple of months, but when I ventured out to pillage Lidl yesterday it was just about raining. Faced with such inclemency I decided I should wear my hat.

On the way home, I ran into some Youths. One of them piped up “Oww, mate!”, and while his inability to enunciate “oh” didn’t bode well, it was the “mate” that gave away that nothing good was going to come from this. It’s strange that a word ostensibly meaning “friend” or even “sexual partner” is actually most commonly used as an implicit threat.
I looked at him without stopping, and he continued: “That hat”, he said, pulling his hood toggles around his chin, “makes you look like a cowboy!”
To this witty, incisive and original observation I replied “Thank you”, returned my view to the pavement in front of me and carried on home.
Sadly his wit, despite all available evidence, had not yet run dry, and more comments followed me down the road. One was something about an Australian. He seemed to be enjoying himself with his attempted mockery.

Fortunately, that’s all that followed me; four on one isn’t ideal odds, at least from my point of view as the one.

But what did he get out of it? He made a stranger briefly uncomfortable, and showed himself up to be a bit dull. Maybe I just attract aggressive idiots.

In the evening I made my aubergine/tomato/potato/cheese/etc. bake, and it was very tasty. I recommend it; just throw it together in the obvious way and nothing can go wrong (at least until it overflows and makes even more of your oven need cleaning).

And then I watched a couple of episodes of Doctor Who. Amy really does like pointing guns at her daughter – I’m not sure that’s the kind of motherly behaviour the BBC should be encouraging. I wonder if the Doctor’s Flesh-clone will return in order to be killed by the spaceman in the first episode of the series?


Posted 6 June 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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