Saturday the 4th of June 2011   Leave a comment

Not even a witty subtitle.

I knocked a pint glass into the sink. I caught it, but only after it had bounced off the divider between the sink and the rinsy-thing, and the damage was already done. Happily it didn’t shatter when I grabbed it, so it got thrown away without injury. It was a beer festival glass. I was briefly, vaguely annoyed.

Otherwise, I’d intended to make a baked aubergine, tomato, potato and cheese thing for dinner, but I was really tired when it was time, for some reason, so I had beans with some reduced pre-cooked German sausage in instead. The sausage was a very odd, pale colour – just off-white. I suppose that’s the colour pork goes when it’s cooked, though. That’s what you get for putting meat in sausages, it’ll never catch on.

Some games were played. Halo: ODST, and I’m on the tank bit now. The game doesn’t seem so short to me – I’ve been playing for quite a while and still have loads left, although I’m playing one notch above “normal” difficulty. Doesn’t seem that hard, it’s just the baddies have loads of hitpoints, so I’m not sure it’s made it any more fun.

Dropwords on my new ‘phone (free on the Android marketplace, and I think my regular reader will enjoy it). A bit like a grid-based solo Scrabble puzzle game (or maybe it’s a clone of Bookworm). My high-score is currently 298, of which I was quite proud, until I looked at the leaderboard to discover that the all-time best score was 601,804. Three whole orders of magnitude greater. If any evidence were necessary to show I’m hopeless at anagrams that is it.

Angry Birds (again free on the marketplace). I know it’s just a Crush the Castle clone. I got bored with Crush the Castle long before it ran out of levels. So why do I play this? It’s an amusing distraction, but you can’t really be said to be getting anything out of it. You just fire the birds at the pigs. Do pigs even eat eggs? If the eggs haven’t been incubated are they still viable? Doesn’t the presumed deaths of quite a lot of birds in the attempt to reclaim, apparently, only a very few eggs, completely outweigh any benefit? I’m not sure the plot stands up to much criticism.
Edit (19:58): now I can kill pigs by dropping eggs on them! This makes even less sense. I’m dropping eggs on pigs in order to reclaim eggs. Not only that, but the eggs explode. So all the birds have to do is leave the pigs alone; the pigs will then eat the eggs they stole, which will explode, killing them. The birds win with no effort or casualties! Hurrah!

In the evening I was bored, so I decided to do the washing up. That’s how exciting I am: Saturday night is washing-up night.


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