Friday the 3rd of June 2011   Leave a comment

The title being your hint that nothing worthwhile is contained within.

For a change.

Talking of change: has the WordPress editing font changed? It’s fixed width now, was it always? I dunno, maybe it has, maybe I’m going mad. Not that those things are mutually exclusive.

Yesterday was similar to Thursday, being a bit tired and grumpy and stewing. I didn’t wake up quite so early, but still before my alarm went off. Work was again utterly, frustratingly unproductive. Completely my fault, of course, but also feels entirely out of my control.

In the evening I went to the gym. A bit later than I’d hoped, because it was one of those days. I’d also forgotten/been too lazy to fill in the Direct Debit form (the third one. Ever since my bank rebranded itself Direct Debits have been a nightmare; they didn’t even tell us they’d changed our sort-codes. Despite this going on for about six months they only sent me my new cheque book the other day – with a new address on it, different to both the old cheque book and the website. THIS IS VERY HELPFUL INFORMATION YOU HAVE BEEN GIVING ME, THANK YOU) after it’d once again failed to work – although I’m sure it’s set up. Oh well, they don’t need it until the tenth. Or maybe not at all. Who knows? That is a question.
Anyway, got a wristband as usual, put my bag in my locker, and went to use it to open the gym door. BLERGH it says, flashing a red cross. I try a couple of times in case it was just a glitch, but no joy, so back down to reception for a new wristband.

BLERGH. Red cross. Sigh.

When I’m at reception for my third wristband, recoded especially, I remember: I locked my bag up with the first one. So after my shortened workout (hahaha, workout. Twenty-five minutes on the angry-trainer and mucking around with the weight-lifty-things until bits ache.) I have to find someone with a master key to unlock it. Sigh.

It’s not really a terrible inconvenience, but when you’re tired and really not in the mood for dealing with people it feels a lot harder than it actually is. Especially when you know it’s not really anybody’s fault – especially not the locker thing – and even if it were getting angry and upset at them wouldn’t get it sorted any more quickly or easily.


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