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Life in the slow lane.

Yesterday was a miserable, grumpy day, and I’m still in a bad mood, so this will probably be a miserable, humourless entry.

The day started when I woke up about half-past eight. I thought I heard someone banging on the door, but must’ve just imagined it, or heard something next door. I went back to bed but couldn’t fall asleep, so spent the rest of the day in that groggy, almost-but-not-quite headachy, interrupted-sleep state.

It turned into one of those slow, pointless days where you don’t get anything done. Didn’t manage any work despite finally knowing what I should be doing, and didn’t even get around to brushing my teeth until almost eight o’clock. Which just makes you feel even more miserable and guilty about wasting the day. Scoffing a quarter of a cake and a tin of biscuits didn’t help, instead making me feel a bit nauseous despite still being hungry. The biscuits should have been very nice, but were disappointing; they had one that looked a lot like one of my favourites, but different and not as good.

At lunchtime I thought I’d practice my guitar, as I’d not touched it for a few days. Spent most of the time setting it up and retuning it because the bridge was out of whack, and even after mucking around with alan keys I was still rubbish at playing it. Unsurprising and yet dispiriting.

And, of course, stewing about Wednesday. I always regret not bludgeoning my antagonists to death with a hammer; not only would the violence be cathartic exercise, but it would also avoid the regret that I’d not prevented their mucking up somebody else’s day (or coming back and mucking up another of mine). It’s not like they would be missed; the world is full of obnoxious little wastes of flesh for whom extinction is the only solution.

I’m sure restraint is a curse more than a blessing.

In the evening dinner was quite pleasant, and then I played Halo 3: Original Dance Sound Track for a while, so the day finished better than it’d started.


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