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Skipping and dancing into the twenty-first century.

Yesterday I bought a shiny new mobile telephone: an Orange San Francisco.

It’s not really a telephone. It can make telephone calls and send SMS messages, of course, but really it’s a tiny portable computer. A 600MHz CPU, 512MB RAM, 2GB storage and an absolutely gorgeous 800×480 display in less than half the volume of a decent bar of Dairy Milk. For a hundred quid.

Eleven years ago my desktop was overclocked to 565MHz, and I think it had 128MB of RAM. It was in a full-tower case with a 350 watt power supply (rather than a 1250 milliamp-hour battery) and sounded like a hoover. Okay, a Pentium III and a Qualcomm MSM7227 are quite different number-crunching beasts, but it goes to show the advances that’ve been made. At the time my mobile was a shiny new Nokia 3330 that I was really proud of. It could play Snake. And was 3g heavier and twice as thick as the San Francisco.

It’s been a while since I had a shiny, up-to-date ‘phone; I had a k750i that was nicked in Spain about five years ago, and since then I’ve made do with an N-Gage and a five quid Samsung, and miserliness and social avoidance meant I barely used those. But I’ve occasionally coveted a smartphone for all the other tricks they can do, and they’re finally cheap enough that it won’t be utterly devastating when it suffers whatever terrible fate it has in store.

And when that happens, imagine what amazing new toy I can get to replace it!

Even better, it’s already been unlocked (strange that a £100 smartphone is easier than a £5 cheapo PAYG ‘phone) and can easily be rooted and updated to Android 2.2, so that’ll be fun. And beneficial, as most of the built-in Orange apps seem rubbish or broken.

So really I’m just getting old and astounded by new technology, and gushing about my new fancy toy. I considered writing this post with the ‘phone, but the touchscreen keyboard’s a bit small and cramped (and QWERTY) to make typing 400 words comfortable. But I *could* do it, if I wanted. Reading websites is perfectly feasible, especially with the ‘phone sideways, and it tweets like a canary.

It’s astounding the amount of private data they have crammed into them, though… I may have to look up security for the thing in case it goes walkies.


Posted 1 June 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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