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Until the next time, no doubt.

Apologies if I’m even less coherent, interesting and amusing than usual, but I’m in the tired-and-groggy part of almost being over a hangover. It actually wasn’t a bad one, compared to some, but I’m getting old.

Yesterday was my almost-Birthday party, and I hijacked some friends’ flat to host it as it was easier and cheaper to get to for everyone (well, apart from me), and is much better suited to parties than my building site. Stepping on nails is not a fun social experience, although really not that much worse than listening to me on SingStar.

Because promising punch seemed like a good idea at the time, we made some along the lines of:

1/2 bottle Southern Comfort
1/2 bottle Amaretto
~500ml or so orange juice
~750ml ish pineapple juice
A couple of limes chopped up then squeezed and dropped in the jug
Some canned fruit cocktail

Method: Put everything in a big jug, stir.

We topped it up with some pink fizzy plonk if we liked. It was very nice, and we were on the second jug even before everyone had arrived. Hence the hangover.

It ended up as every evening where I drink ends up: an iffy night’s sleep, waking up at about 7am, barely able to stand, navigate by brownian motion to the bathroom and put my head down the toilet. Back to bed, get almost no more sleep until everybody else is awake and you decide you might as well give up and get up. I saw it coming by about 6pm the previous day, and I’m sure everybody else did too.

Still, at least the headache wasn’t too bad. That’s the worst bit of a hangover.

But why do I still do it? People claim I’m funnier when I’m drunk, but I suspect they’re just not as damning of my humour because they’re also trolleyed. I’ve been thinking for a while that I ought to just stop drinking, as moderation makes me feel almost as bad in different ways without the positive effects. Hmm.

I’m entirely aware that hungover people claiming they’ll never drink again is not original, and as a friend gave me three bottles of beer yesterday… Well, we’ll see. It’s not like I drink every month anyway. Some of my friends and family drink considerable amounts every day. I don’t know how, or why, they do (or pay for) it.


Posted 30 May 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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