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Or up the creek.

This one’s maybe a bit meta; once you start blogging about blogging who knows where you’re going to wind up.
Yesterday, for the first time, I publicised one of my posts – the CoDBlOps one – on Twitter. So far it’s got seven views, which isn’t bad considering I’ve only ten followers. It’s now the most-visited (I’d say “read”, but) post here, even beating the actually-useful UK Dvorak keyboard layout one that’s been here almost since The Beginning.

None of the other pages have more than two views yesterday, and many only have one, so clearly my writing doesn’t draw people in. Aside from the home-page, which is pinged by some American financial blog several times per day probably just to upset my statistics.

WordPress gives you some fun stats to look at; unlike most posts, the Dvorak one’s actually been found by people using search engines (and more impressively, it’s been relevant to their searches – it’s got two downloads so far, almost as many as one of the Microsoft runtimes. People have to come *here* to get a link, what does that say about MS’s download organisation?). A couple of people were looking for the links on the left (how many pages of search results must they have trawled through to get here?), one was looking for manual dexterity (and must have left disappointed. Sorry), and finally a search for “pink dust underlay?” – apologies for being the fifth Google UK result for that one. I guess you’re having some kind of carpet problem and I probably didn’t help.

Sadly, nobody has yet arrived looking for Tofu-related STD information. I’ll keep you posted.

EDIT: “tofu std colthor” – Hello ;p

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must devour a scotch egg before pupating into a beautiful butterfly.


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