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Specialist knowledge.

Apparently I share a birthday not only with Kylie Minogue, but also TV’s Emma Kennedy and David Baddiel. Also, somebody kindly got a band to march down the street to celebrate! (Actually I think it was for some silly sectarian nonsense, but my birthday’s both better and more important. Although it could well have been for TV’s Emma Kennedy instead.)

I thought it would be a nice treat to have a curry for dinner, and also be an opportunity to test-drive the take-away across the road.

As I was waiting for my food a rather merry guy came in clutching a can of Carling. After failing to read the menu he ordered two portions of chips, and then examined his change. He seemed confused by a two-pound coin bearing “a couple of skulls” on its reverse, so he showed it to some women at the counter who pleaded ignorance.

He then showed it to me. It was this one:
£2 coin
I assured him that it was legitimate, that the picture was Darwin looking at an ape.
“Who?”, he asked. I repeated the name, but was greeted with a blank stare, before he returned to the counter and demanded the man serving exchange the coin.

A few minutes later, when my blushes had just about subsided, one of the drunk guy’s friends came in and he told him of the coin. He then turned to me to remind him of the name.
“Darwin. Wrote On the Origin of Species? Um, the theory of evolution?”
None of this seemed to ring any bells with either of them, but happily their chips were ready.


Posted 28 May 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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