I ate all the pies   Leave a comment

Working on it, anyway.

Yesterday’s pillaging of Focus’s rotting corpse was successful, and painting can begin once I’ve the time and can be bothered.

Also went to Morrisons, so I could stock up on various things for the next month or so, and (probably more importantly) scarf up all the reduced pies and suchlike I could get my hands on. Also, a whopping great chocolate pudding cake. And scotch eggs. Omnomnom.

I shall have to try and get to the gym early today, although given they close at 10 I’m probably already too late to burn it all off. And they’re not open on Monday (well, they close at 5pm, which is basically the same), the only downside of bank holidays. At least all those pies and scotch eggs are full of protien, so that’ll help with building muscle. As Starship sang, “We built this body on sausage rolls”.

Normally I buy bread from Greggs. It’s ten pence more per loaf, but also half a mile closer and I don’t spend a fiver on utterly un-necessary nosh every time I visit, so in the grand scheme of things it’s actually cheaper, quicker and healthier than going to the supermarket.

And, of course, it’s practically my birthday, so none of it counts against me. Any worthwhile dietitian will tell you that.


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