Monday the 23rd of May   Leave a comment

The only remarkable thing about Monday is how unremarkable it was.

Wake, breakfast, work, lunch, strum guitar a bit, work, eat leftovers from Saturday for dinner, go to gym, receive ‘phone call, wash up, shower, bed.

Aside from the ‘phone call (a pleasant chat with a friend about nothing of consequence) it was an utterly typical and uneventful Monday (and very similar to a Wednesday or Friday).

High point of the day was Indie Stone’s glorious workaround to their perpetual funding problems for Project Zomboid. They earned most of a purchase just from the laughs.

I realised it was odd that, when female characters in games are dressed ludicrously by the developers, I get quite annoyed. But given a huge number of choices and no stats to worry about, I’ll do exactly the same thing. Hmm. Although I don’t think Fable II’s trying to be sensible or realistic in any way, and if there were armour stats it’d be full plate all over. I would be annoyed if that showed off much flesh, because armour with holes in it completely misses the point (or vice versa). Ignoring chainmail.

I think I even realised that today, rather than yesterday, but this entry’s short enough anyway.


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