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Don’t they have jobs to do?

Read the lyrics to Afternoon Delight, by The Starland Vocal Band. Here’s a link.

Bet you never noticed that before, eh? That’s what we get for just singing along to the chorus. But it highlights quite the double standard; put that in a film or television programme and it’ll be a 15 rating and you won’t be on until well after 9pm. Put it in a happy ’60s song and it’s fine for 11am on BBC Radio 2.

Okay, putting it on BBC Radio 2 is far higher than a 15 rating. But won’t somebody please think of the grandparents?

It’s amazing how many songs can be summed up with “I’m horny, let’s fuck”. You don’t even have to dress it up. Dressing it up probably would be too kinky for 11am on BBC Radio 2. Ken Bruce strikes me as being quite vanilla.


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