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And what did you do to deserve this?

Firstly, what’s this blog about?

Anything I feel like writing about. Computer games will probably crop up occasionally; I was considering writing a blog called “Colthor Plays Games” a few months ago, but didn’t for boring technical reasons. In the meantime I’ve considered that maybe there are other things I’d like to write.

Why am I writing it at all?

To give me a reason to think about things. Posts may well end up being the kind of nonsense you’d talk about in an everyday conversation, but the downside of living alone in a town containing hardly anyone you know is that conversations aren’t everyday. As the conversations I do have tend to be somebody talking whilst I listen, and this will be almost the opposite, it should average out nicely.
Secondly, to act similarly to a diary. So that I can go back and remember things I’ve done or thought, and to see how or if anything’s changed in the meantime.

One thing should be clear: I’m doing this for my benefit. I know it’s probably mostly going to be worthless drivel of no interest to anybody but myself, and maybe not even that. I don’t mind.


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